Warranty and Money Back Policy

I love my job and work hard to ensure that each and every client is pleased both with their new paint colors and with my service. In short, my goal is to exceed my clients’ expectations. When that doesn’t happen I do my best to make things right. Please review Color Harmony at Home’s warranty and money-back policy below.

Warranty & Money-Back Policy

I always stress the importance of testing each color selected in the space where it will be painted. Detailed instructions for testing paint colors are sent via email and the client’s new paint palette is placed in a folder that is provided at the end of our appointment. Even after testing a paint color as instructed, a client may be unsure about or unhappy with that color. No one can predict with 100% accuracy that a color will be perfect every time when choosing color from a paint chip, fan deck, or painted sample board. When this happens the client may contact me and I will send him or her one to two new paint colors to test.

Should a client decide NOT to test his or her paint colors and is dissatisfied with the result, I cannot be held responsible for the cost of materials and labor required to repaint their space.

If a client purchases paint from a different company than the one I specify, I cannot guarantee that the color will be the same. Matching colors across brands is often inaccurate and is never recommended.

In-Person Color Consultations

Once an In-Person Color Consultation appointment is made, please contact Angelle to reschedule or cancel at least 24 hours in advance so that your appointment time may be made available to another client.

Payment for your service(s) is expected at the time of the In-Person Color Consultation appointment.

After you receive your Paint Color Palette you have 30 days to contact me with any problems or concerns. After 30 days with no contact I will assume that you are satisfied with your consultation and your payment will not be refunded. If you are unhappy with your consultation (for reasons other than personal color preference), please contact me within 30 days of receiving your Paint Color Palette so that I can make adjustments to the recommended colors. I welcome the opportunity to ensure your satisfaction. If you are still dissatisfied, I will refund the amount of your original payment, less a 10% processing fee.

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