"Angelle offers an amazing color selection service! She has saved me and many of my real estate clients from making major paint color mistakes. She has an amazing ability to use what you have going on and give it true harmony through paint color selection. There is nothing worse than walking in a house to show it and realizing everything needs to be repainted or that it could look so much better with the right color. Don’t try to do it alone or use the “popular colors” at the paint store, calling Angelle will actually save you money!" – Chelsie Jackson // Covington, LA

"Angelle has an eye for detail. She brought the upgrades I had in mind to life. Angelle made the project easy and fun!!! Friendly, cheerful and professional service." – Lisa Dugal // Mandeville, LA

"Angelle has a gift for choosing color. She helped take the stress out of making the right choices for my new home. Color Harmony at Home is definitely worth using in deciding color for any part of your home. Angelle knows how to coordinate it all. Highly recommend!" – Rosalie Russell // Covington, LA

Angelle with Color Harmony at Home was a great service to our family! Our stucco, doors, and shutters were the same color as they were 16 years ago (brown and black) and were in DIRE need of an update. Angelle helped me choose colors that fit my style while avoiding certain shades that I wanted to stay away from (but didn’t know how). She spent several hours with me reviewing options and giving suggestions. We ultimately chose Oyster White and Urbane Bronze and I couldn’t be happier. I highly recommend using her services to avoid frustration and wasted money on painting with colors you’ll soon regret. I give Color Harmony at Home 5/5 stars!

Lindsay Pons, Covington LA - October 2021

Angelle is so knowledgeable, patient, talented, affordable and eager to help. Her friendliness, kindness and customer service is like no other!!! I have used her for several projects (ranging from wall paint to flooring and countertops). She makes the decision making fun and less stressful - I honestly don’t know what I would have done without her and I will always call her for future help with color! I spent tons of time and money testing out samples on our walls and couldn’t make a decision….. I’m forever grateful I called her! She brings samples, pictures and ideas with her…. She will even drive around town with you looking at countertop stone! She guided me in making decisions that I am in love with!!! I highly recommend Color Harmony at Home for any design assistance needed - You will not regret it!

Kristin Roy, Madisonville LA - October 2021

Angelle was an absolute pleasure to work with! After discussing my vision of updating my tired red brick home, Angelle showed up at our consultation more than prepared with a variety of ideas and options to consider. She was extremely thorough and professional in her delivery and her follow up was outstanding. I chose one of her recommended palettes and I could not be happier with the outcome! I feel like I’m coming home to a new house everyday! If you need professional advice in selecting a color palette for your home contact Angelle! You can thank me later! :)

Robin Parker, Madisonville LA - September 2021

Having Angelle’s color expertise and experience was a game changer! She made what was an overwhelming task on my own into a process that was manageable, creative and fun. Working with my favorite pieces, she made thoughtful and inspired recommendations that I love!

Erinn Gray, Mandeville LA - September 2021

Angelle has provided invaluable help with selecting colors, which can be so tricky. She is extremely responsive to requests for help and completely professional in her interactions with clients. I could not recommend her more strongly for your home project! Thank you, Angelle!

Judy Klein, Mandeville LA - September 2021

Umpy & Barbara Brown, Covington LA

Today, we had Angelle from Color Harmony at Home come to the house to help us with paint colors for our living room, master bedroom and master bath. What a pleasure she was! I had completed a pre-visit form for her in which I told her what we were considering. Angelle was more than prepared. She gave suggestions which we had not considered in the living room. My wife loved them. The colors we selected were probably more thought out by her than by us. Both Barbara and I were so appreciative of her time and input. It made the hard part (choosing the right colors) so easy. If you are considering changing colors in your home, I strongly suggest you get in touch with Angelle. August, 2021

Angelle helped me pick out the perfect stucco color for my home. She was very professional and showed me many different color options that would work. She responded very quickly to any text message questions I had. I definitely recommend her and will be using her again!! 😊

Chris & Sheryl Ives, Mandeville LA - June 2021

Angelle is such a professional and so great at what she does! She picked the perfect paint color for my home and she just picked the perfect color for my mom’s home too! It is so worth the time and investment to meet with Angelle and have her pick the perfect color for your home!

Kim Leininger, Covington LA - June 2021

Angelle is personable and very easy to work with. She is also very informative and professional. She took the stress out of my project and made sure I was happy with my colors. Definitely worth the money!!

Brenda Kirby, Covington LA - June 2021

Angelle helped us find the perfect color for the stucco on the front of our house, as well as colors for the entire inside of our home. When you are moving from another state with no time to find colors for your new house, it is nice to have Angelle from Color Harmony at Home. She really knows what she is doing. Thanks Angelle!

J. D., Mandeville LA - May 2021

I was faced with a dilemma - choosing the right paint color for part of my open space area that would coordinate with the existing paint color at one end. I was at wit's end looking at the myriad of colors available and after trying five or six sample sizes with no success, I learned there is someone who is a Color Specialist - Angelle. She came totally prepared with three paint choices for me that coordinated perfectly with my space. Angelle is delightful to work with and extremely knowledgeable. If you are not sure what to do about paint colors for your home, call Angelle!

Elizabeth Williamson, Mandeville LA - May 2021

Lisa Haley, Canton GA

Everything about my experience with Angelle was incredible! I had a quick deadline to choose the colors for the exterior of my home and was overwhelmed by all the choices. Angelle responded quickly to my desperate cry for help and offered the reassurance I needed. She gave me recommendations, choices, and advice in an extremely professional manner. My house turned out beautiful and I couldn’t be happier! I highly recommend her! May, 2021

Angelle did a fabulous job helping me choose paint colors for my 16 year old traditional, red brick Atlanta home. I painted the entire interior of my 7 bedroom home. I was looking for neutral colors to lighten, brighten and update my house while not going “all white.” Angelle is extremely professional and knowledgeable regarding paint colors! More importantly, she listens to her clients. My challenge was keeping the integrity of my traditional home while updating my colors and getting away from “golden” tones. I couldn’t be more thrilled with the results of my interior transformation! The colors Angelle chose are a perfect fit for my home. I especially love how she gave me several options so I still felt some creative control. I will use Angelle again!

Christine Hearn, Alpharetta GA - May 2021

Angelle saved me time and money in assisting with color selection for exterior paint and new stone countertops in our kitchen. I love how both projects turned out!

Sherry Powell, Madisonville LA - May 2021

Even though we are almost 500 miles away, Angelle was still able to help us bring our vision to life and take our fixer-upper out of the 80’s and into modern times. Her expertise traveled the miles with her online consulting service. She truly listened to what we wanted and helped us get there with her attentiveness to detail, timely responses, and expert knowledge. Whether you have no idea what you want or already know but need help to get there, she is the one to call. I definitely recommend Angelle and Color Harmony at Home. We are thrilled with the results!

Debbie Haley, Woodstock GA - April 2021

Angelle's help was invaluable. She stepped in the gap where we lacked confidence and expertly made suggestions and guided us to our own choices. She made sure we didn't make any mistakes. She was very thorough and the accuracy of her color design has been affirmed by the compliments we get from our neighbors and friends.

Jim and Julie Moreau, Mandeville LA - March 2021

Kim Fox, Covington LA

"Angelle is passionate about what she does and is simply wonderful to work with. We contacted her after struggling with some exterior paint options we had been contemplating for weeks. She came over with her suitcases of color samples and got us on the right track. Having oversize samples of so many colors really simplified the process. Could have saved a lot of time, stress, and trips to the store for sample paints if we would have contacted her in the beginning. We are extremely happy with the outcome and grateful for her help. Thanks Angelle!" March 2021

Angelle was wonderful in choosing colors for our master bedroom and bath. She is always responsive to any questions you may have and she has such an eye for color. We will definitely use Angelle again when we update the next room in our home.

Dawn Dares, Madisonville LA - March 2021

Angelle was fantastic! She is excited about color and it rubs off! (Not the color, the attitude). She understands the undertones and is knowledgeable on the newest and freshest choices out there. The suggestions she made really helped us pick a color we are thrilled with. Our house looks great and we feel like we made a well thought out choice with her help. She gave us a palette with our four color choices and coordinated with our painter to make sure it was all placed correctly. Everyone should consult a colorist when making this kind of decision!

Kristen Strickland, Mandeville LA - March 2021

Angelle was a great help on our recent kitchen update. My husband and I wanted to keep our existing countertop and our black appliances. The countertop was an issue, though, because it was quite "bossy" in the room and we were conflicted when trying to pick wall and cabinet paint colors that would work with it, with the appliances, with the existing flooring, and also with the adjoining great room decor. We wanted an updated look. Angelle not only showed us the color options she thought would work best, she explained the theory behind the color selections. She told us several ways to test the colors before committing ourselves so we felt comfortable with our choices. She was professional, fun to work with, respectful of our opinions, and we were very happy with the great service she provided. I would recommend her without reservation.

Connie Jones, Mandeville LA - March 2021

Carolyn Herre, Mandeville LA

I was very nervous about choosing colours for my kitchen walls, cabinets and trim. I wanted to get it right. My friend recommended Angelle. She was such a pleasure to work with and so full of knowledge. She worked with the rest of my decor to get it all flowing together. Thank you Angelle! February, 2021

I found Angelle through a Facebook group. I needed help selecting a paint color for my stucco to brighten up our exterior. I spent days looking on Pinterest and made several trips to the paint store to get sample colors before I called Angelle. She was prompt, professional and reasonably priced. In an hour she had recommended a perfect color to coordinate with our roof and brick. Within 24 hours I had a written report with color selection and pictures of homes with the color. I can’t wait to paint the house and look forward to working with Angelle on future projects! She saved me time and money!

Sherry Powell, Madisonville, LA - January 2021

My friend recommended Angelle to help me pick cabinet and kitchen colors. I was unsure about the colors I was choosing and wanted to get it right. I love the colors she picked for my kitchen! What I had in mind would not have looked good. She knows her colors and undertones! I am so glad I consulted her! My son is in the process of remodeling his house and consulted Angelle for brick and trim colors. He is very happy with the colors she picked and other suggestions for outside his home! I highly recommend Angelle for a consult before painting to make sure you get it right the first time!

Cheryl Lee, Metairie LA - January 2021

Angelle is professional, friendly, and very easy to work with. She had great suggestions and kept my budget in mind. If you need help finding colors, Angelle is your girl!

Karen Gettys, Covington, LA - December 2020

Tara Palmer, Mandeville LA

I’m so grateful my friend recommended Angelle to me. She went above and beyond in helping me with the exterior of my home. It was a big job and I felt very daunted until I started working with her. Not only is Angelle extremely knowledgeable, professional and has great contacts, she will also go the extra mile for you and clearly takes great pride in having happy customers. Her services are a very good value for the money. I will definitely use her again and would highly recommend. I absolutely love the way my house looks now! Thanks Angelle! November, 2020

Angelle IS A COLOR GENIUS!!! She advised us to use interior color just by viewing pictures of our living room and looking at how the light reflects from the wall. She was right on point!!!! We are in the process of having our home done using Classic Gray, which she recommended. We are so excited!!! I HIGHLY recommend hiring Angelle to avoid the headache and frustration of finding that perfect color. Thank you Angelle at Color Harmony at Home!!!

Monique David, Mandeville LA - October 2020

Angelle was such a huge help to me when picking out carpet color and paint color. She is very knowledgeable and helped me pick the perfect colors for my spaces. She gave me great tips, advice and also ways to save me money on my project. 10/10 recommend to anyone picking out colors for their home. I will definitely use her services again as we continue to make improvements on our new home.

Ashley Daigle, Madisonville LA - October 2020

Angelle Lyman has found her true calling as a color design consultant! She has helped me with two projects - one exterior and one interior makeover and I am completely satisfied with the way she is able to recommend paint colors that complement the existing finishes and features. Her expertise saved us time and money and resulted in projects that we love!

Connie Haydel, Covington LA & SanDestin FL - October 2020

Jessica Dennis Mandeville LA

Angelle was amazing to work with.! Not only did she come in and help me pick out colors for several rooms but when I got nervous about one she came back out immediately to look at some new options for me. Angelle offers a lot of “extras” with her custom color paint report too. I highly recommend Angelle and will use her again on my next paint project! September, 2020

I highly recommend Color Harmony at Home. Angelle selected beautiful colors for my home and I can't wait to see it all come together!

Terry McGee, Mandeville LA - September 2020

Angelle is my go to for color and overall project consultation even though we live 700 miles apart and she has never been to my house. Her virtual services are amazing. She walks you through how to photograph your project and your home and then provides several options. She has helped me repaint a large entertainment center, paint several rooms in my house and is now helping with our kitchen remodeling. She is very knowledgeable and an absolute pleasure to work with!

Helen Leupold, Gibsonville NC - September 2020

Angelle again hit a home run with the colors she recommended for our new condo. Perfection! She truly has a gift. We highly recommend Color Harmony at Home and Angelle.

Rusty Pleune, Mandeville LA - September 2020

Erin Pleune, Mandeville LA

We’ve used Color Harmony at Home for two major painting projects. Both have been perfectly chosen to fit our style and taste. Angelle provided an individual assessment each time and carefully listed to our desired outcome. Being that both situations had the added challenge of blending the existing colors in flooring and countertops, Angelle absolutely achieved the "color harmony" we were looking for with both projects! September, 2020

Angelle did an awesome job choosing the paint color “Gray Cloud” for my hall bath. She brought several color boards and chose the perfect color to coordinate with my mirror, shower curtain and fixtures. I love my bathroom, it is transformed by the new paint color. I highly recommend Angelle when you need a color consultant.

Barb Hebert, Mandeville LA - August 2020

Angelle is the best at selecting a color for your home! She takes all aspects of your home into consideration and recommends a color that you will love! No second guessing yourself - Let Angelle pick the right color up front. Highly recommend!!

Melinda Carmeli, Mandeville LA - August 2020

I used Color Harmony at Home to help me select the right colors for my restaurant makeover. Angelle took away all of the guesswork by using her expertise to identify the undertones in our flooring and suggest coordinating shades for our walls and trim. We are 100% satisfied with the fresh new look of our business!

Charlene Kazan, Mandeville LA - August 2020

John Trapen, Mandeville LA

Angelle is s true professional when it comes to color selection and coordination. If you are planning to upgrade or change the color of the exterior or interior of your house, it pays to get the advice and ideas by someone who knows all about color and color coordination. Angelle will spend a lot of time with you and will ensure you are happy with your selections. I highly recommend Color Harmony at Home!! August, 2020

Angelle has helped me with exterior and interior colors for my home and both times the guidance from her was EXCELLENT. Angelle really understands color and their foundations, when they mix and when they don’t. She helped me choose a perfect color for my 700 square foot deck which blended perfectly with red my French doors. Again, she helped me choose a perfect color for my bedroom when I was concerned with colors blending with the floor. She understands your needs and concerns and what you are trying to achieve. She listens and guides you with care and support through your project. I highly recommend her for all your color needs. She is informed and so talented when it comes to color !!!!!

Celeste Needham, Covington LA - August 2020

Angelle truly listens to what your thoughts and ideas are, and then makes a variety of suggestions for you to consider. She goes above and beyond by adding additional decorating ideas that can enhance your new color considerations. Angelle also gave me some tips and tricks to help me make a decision about color changes. The results are amazing! I highly recommend her as she is professional, careful about safety during this time, and very talented!

Dede Redfearn, Metairie LA - August 2020

Ward Rice, New Orleans LA

What makes Angelle different from others is that she is patient and consults rather than just tries to sell. With others I felt rushed and that they weren’t interested in helping me until they knew my budget or until I signed a contract with them. I didn’t get that from Angelle. She is willing to spend the time with you to make sure you are happy with your decision. Additionally, she followed up with me to see if I had any additional questions or needed any additional help with my project. August, 2020

Angelle picked out the perfect colors for my kitchen cabinets, walls, and trim. I did my whole house so it was a huge project. Everything ties together perfectly. I highly recommend her!!

Caroline Pendergast, Madisonville LA - August 2020

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